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Paul the Organizer's services make an outstanding gift. Gift certificates are available in hour increments. To purchase or inquire about Paul the Organizer gift certificates, you can email Paul or call him at 412-781-6328.

Gift Certificate Testimonials

“Recently a friend was moving and, as much as I wanted to help, I did not have the time. Instead, I gave her a gift certificate for Paul the Organizer’s hours. There could not have been a better gift! Paul is experienced and resourceful and a better help than I could have been."
- D.B.B.

“I recently gave several hours of Paul the Organizer services to a friend mired down in the panic of moving. She loved it! In the future, I will know where to purchase a special and helpful gift.”
- Dr. Betty Jane Mc Williams

"I have had gift certificates for everything from food to facials, but none was more appreciated than the one from my friend, Betty Jane. It was a gift certificate for the services of Paul Regan to help me on 'moving day!' What a super, creative idea! I can't wait to do the same for some of my friends!

Here it is, a month since I moved from my thirty-year residence to a brand new location. As I look back on this month, I realize what a difference it made all along the way, to have your help. Most amazing was your work on moving day! As the movers came in and 'deposited' things in the various rooms, you were quietly opening boxes, emptying them, AND GETTING RID OF THEM! When the movers left you were still there, placing some of the items that were most likely to help me feel at home. You had many creative ideas but I appreciated that you didn’t push your ideas and kept reminding me that it was I who would be living here and thus, was the one to be pleased.

As I look back at both the packing up in the old place and the unpacking here in the new place, I have to smile at how you diplomatically encouraged me to 'let go' of things that had not been in use for several years! (I think I better recruit you for phase II in doing more of that now that I am here).

I have already recommended you to several friends and neighbors and will continue to do so. Several of your ideas have actually saved me money! So, I look forward to having you help in implementing several projects that I have in mind as part of the follow-up of my moving."
- Elly Fleming