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Paul the Organizer is a professional who has the unique skills and qualifications to organize all aspects of moving, including, but not limited to:

Helping determine what belongings to

  • Keep
  • Give to friends or family
  • Donate to charity
  • Sell at auction, online, or in a moving sale

Establishing a timetable for your move

  • Establish date of move
  • Develop a list of tasks to be accomplished

Assisting in coordination of your move

  • Can help select a mover
  • Assist in sorting items
  • Work with all of the other providers (contractors, retirement communities, utility companies, postal service)

Customizing the floor plan for new location

  • Assist in selecting which items will be moved to new location
  • Create a floor plan as to where items will be placed

Staging furniture according to the established plan

  • Work with movers to assure furniture is placed correctly
  • Adjust furniture placement after the move to make sure it is comfortable for you

Coordinating the removal of belongings

  • Work with auction houses, estate sales to sell unwanted items
  • Have trash removed

Creatively maximizing storage options

  • Use all existing space efficiently
  • Suggest options for storage

Assisting in all aspects of the physical move

  • Unpack boxes
  • Make beds
  • Plug in lamps
  • Hang shower curtains
  • Plug in phones
  • Set up rooms
  • Hang pictures
  • Arrange and organize items to make them convenient for your use
  • Create your new space to be Your Home